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Own a Holiday Home and Dread receiving the Electricity Bill?


Here are Cotswold Heating Solutions we are regularly approached by holiday homeowners for advice on how they can regain control over their heating bills. It would appear that owners seem to suffer the same problem – guests, unfortunately, abusing the heating system by leaving it on at all times of day and night when it really isn’t needed. Of course, if a guest isn’t directly paying for the heating they use then they have no incentive to use it in a cost-saving manner as they perhaps would in their own home. Whether you use your holiday home for rental income or simply as a bolt-hole for you to escape, finding the right electric heating solution is paramount.

Isis Lake at South Cerney Lakes is a beautiful lakeside holiday retreat where visitors come from miles around to relax in stunning surroundings or, for the more active – take part in a whole host of water sports and activities. Being off-grid means holiday homeowners only have the choice of electric heating and with most having old, uncontrollable night storage heating or electric panel heaters we receive enquiries regularly asking how Elkatherm German electric heaters can make a difference.

One such enquiry came from owners who recently purchased a beautiful holiday home on Isis Lake and wanted to update their inefficient night storage heating / panel heaters to something more modern, attractive and ultimately controllable. Our heating engineer met with them on site to discuss their individual requirements which importantly included the need to be able to control their heating remotely whilst reducing electricity spend. We were pleased to be able to inform them that most customers with Elkatherm heaters typically see savings of around one third to two thirds of their current spend when making the switch from night storage heating and an expensive E7 electricity tariff.

It was also crucial to them that they be able to dial back the temperature when guests were not staying and also to ensure that prior to their arrival the temperature was nice and cosy. Elkatherm heaters are absolutely perfect for this scenario, enabling remote operation from literally anywhere in the world and controlled via a smartphone or tablet.

Our engineer was able to make suggestions on the best way to heat the property as well as explaining how best to make financial savings by regaining control over the heating system. The customer explained that as part of the purchase the new radiators would need installing inside a two week window from point of order so the pressure was on! We rallied around and were able to supply and install the new heaters within their required time frame leaving us with one very satisfied customer.

With our innovative Elkazone HeatApp now offering the added functionality of being able to remotely ‘lock’ individual Elkatherm heaters also means that guests with ‘fiddly fingers’ won’t be able to manually override programme or heat settings which in turn means no nasty surprises for you on your electricity bill!So if you have a holiday home and want control over your heating and your bills, contact us now on 01453 578148 or email us for more information at info@cotswoldheatingsolutions.co.uk

Warmer Home,
Lower Heating Bills

ELKATHERM® electric radiators save you money in three ways: using less energy, helping you waste less, and, potentially, cutting your other electricity costs and as they need no servicing you will save there too!

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