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Sunamp Heat Battery For Hot Water

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A+ Energy rating when connected to a heat pump, C rated with grid/solar
Instant mains pressure hot water

Sunamp heat batteries are energy-saving thermal stores that efficiently store heat for hot water on demand. Up to 4x more compact than traditional hot water cylinders and with far lower heat losses, they are quick to install and compatible with a wide choice of energy sources including heat pumps, solar PV and boilers. With 4 volume options ranging from 70L through to 300L Sunamp is able to provide all of your hot water requirements and is the ideal replacement for a greedy, old-fashioned hot water cylinder.

Sunamp thermal energy storage technology uses patented Plentigrade Phase Change Material (PCM) to make homes and buildings more energy efficient and sustainable, while reducing carbon emissions

Sunamp Compact Thermal Batteries In Your Home

Sunamp heat batteries can be charged with large amounts of energy from renewable and other sources, and released to deliver plentiful hot water at mains pressure and on demand across a wide range of temperatures, and for a wide range of residential and industrial applications. With the ability to store and release renewable heat, Sunamp heat batteries are a sustainable and efficient solution for heating and hot water needs.

The wide range of heat batteries for the residential market provide a low-carbon solution, a reliable, space-saving alternative to traditional hot water cylinders, safely cutting energy consumption and fuel costs.

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Sunamp heat battery for hot water uses patented Phase Change Materials to make homes and buildings more energy efficient and sustainable, while reducing carbon emissions. Given that the majority of our home energy usage goes towards producing heat, Sunamp’s instant hot water heater provides you with a more compact, more cost effective, low carbon solution to heating your water.

Sunamp Thermal Store For Hot Water

Sunamp Heat Batteries FAQS

What size is a Sunamp Thermino Heat Battery?
There are four different sizes, 70L, 150L, 210L and 300L.
What size do I need?
This depends on a number of factors such as number of occupants in the property and how many baths, showers and sinks there are. A free survey will identify which is best suited for your needs.
Does it work with any energy source?
It sure does – grid electricity, solar photo voltaics (Solar PV), air source heat pumps and boilers.
Is Sunamp Thermino truly compact?
Absolutely – A Sunamp Thermino heat battery, which uses thermal batteries, is up to 4 times smaller than the equivalent water tank, freeing up valuable storage space.
Does it require any servicing?
No, there is no mandatory annual servicing.
Is it safe?
Definitely. It is reliable, safe, non-toxic and non-flammable.