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The Award Winning Zero Emission Boiler

Discover the innovative Zero Emission Boiler (ZEB®) offered by Cotswold Heating Solutions. As leading installers, we provide a sustainable and energy-efficient alternative to traditional boilers. The ZEB stands out by significantly cutting carbon emissions and operating on low carbon electricity, aligning your home’s warmth with the well-being of our planet.

The ZEB not only ensures an eco-friendly living space but also promises cost savings through its smart design, which leverages time-of-use tariffs to utilize cheaper off-peak electricity. This means you enjoy lower running costs while benefiting from a system that taps into the cleanest power available. With installation typically completed within just 1-2 days by our skilled technicians, the transition to a greener heating solution is seamless, with no major changes to your existing heating infrastructure required.

Cotswold Heating Solutions is dedicated to enhancing your home with the ZEB’s advanced features. Its ability to intelligently manage and release heat, combined with the adaptability to integrate with your current heating system, makes it a forward-thinking choice for those seeking efficiency without the environmental impact. Embrace a warmer, more sustainable future with us, and experience the difference of a modern heating solution tailored to the needs of both your lifestyle and the planet.

Intelligent Heating

What sets the ZEB apart is its intelligent operation. Acting much like a thermal battery, it stores heat efficiently and releases it according to your needs, using a smart charging algorithm that considers your routine, local weather, and energy pricing. The control is at your fingertips with the tepeo app, which gives you the ability to adjust settings, track energy usage, and monitor your heating system’s performance.

Designed to work within the same temperature range as fossil fuel boilers, the ZEB is an ideal replacement that offers a quick and easy upgrade to more sustainable living. By choosing Cotswold Heating Solutions for your ZEB installation, you’re opting for a modern, efficient heating solution that’s kind to your wallet and the environment.

The ZEB’s compatibility with existing radiators and underfloor heating systems ensures it integrates effortlessly into your home without the need for costly renovations. Its compact design and quiet operation make it a subtle yet powerful addition to any space. With Cotswold Heating Solutions, you gain access to cutting-edge heating technology that prioritizes your comfort and convenience while taking a proactive step towards a cleaner, greener future.

Diagram Showing How the Zero Emission Boiler Works
Tepeo Zero Emission Boiler in Under stairs Cupboard

Warmer Home,
Lower Heating Bills

RadTherm electric radiators save you money in three ways: using less energy, helping you waste less, and, potentially, cutting your other electricity costs and as they need no servicing you will save there too!

Hot Water Tank FAQ'S

What is a Zero Emission Boiler (ZEB)?
The Zero Emission Boiler, or ZEB, is an innovative heating system that operates on electricity, designed to store heat and release it as needed in your home. It’s called ‘zero emission’ because it uses electricity which can be sourced from renewable energy, reducing the carbon footprint associated with heating.
How does the ZEB reduce carbon emissions?
The ZEB utilizes low carbon electricity and is most efficient when powered by renewable energy sources. By charging during times when the grid is utilizing more renewable energy, it ensures that your heating system is contributing less to carbon emissions.
Will the ZEB work with my existing heating system?
Yes, the ZEB is designed to work with the same flow and return temperatures as a traditional boiler, making it compatible with most existing radiators and underfloor heating systems.
How can the ZEB save me money on my energy bills?
The ZEB is designed to operate using time-of-use tariffs, charging during off-peak hours when electricity is cheaper. This can significantly lower your energy bills, especially if you’re on a variable rate electricity plan.
Is the installation process for the ZEB disruptive?
Not at all. Installation by Cotswold Heating Solutions is typically done within 1-2 days with minimal disruption, as the ZEB is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing heating infrastructure.
How do I control the ZEB?
The ZEB is equipped with smart technology that can be managed via the tepeo app. This app allows you to adjust settings, track energy usage, and control your heating system remotely.
Can the ZEB store energy from renewable sources like solar panels?
Yes, if you have solar panels or other renewable energy generation systems, the ZEB can store this energy for heating, maximizing your use of clean energy.
Is the ZEB suitable for all property types?
The ZEB comes in various sizes and is suitable for a range of properties, from apartments to detached homes. However, we recommend consulting with our specialists at Cotswold Heating Solutions to find the perfect fit for your space.
What are the dimensions of the ZEB?
98cm (height) x 60cm (width) x 66cm (depth) - but it needs clearance of 7cm above and 5cm on all sides.
What is the storage medium made of?
Proprietary mix of high density, inert, non-toxic and low impact materials
How much energy does it store?
40kWh of usable thermal energy
How much power can it output?
15kW maximum
How does it work?
Electricity powers electric heating elements which heat the storage medium (the ‘core’) which then stores the heat until needed to heat your home/hot water.
How long will it last?
The core of the ZEB is designed so it doesn't degrade over time, in fact there’s a good chance it will outlast the home it’s installed in! However, the ZEB still needs to be maintained, like all boilers,
What maintenance does the ZEB require?
The ZEB is designed to be low-maintenance. However, we recommend an annual check to ensure everything is functioning efficiently, much like traditional boilers.

What Our Customers Say

Fantastic Service
Fantastic ServiceWiltshire
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From start to finish Cotswold Heating Solutions were brilliant. They surveyed our house and installed our radiators so quickly and were professional and polite throughout. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them if you need a heating solution!
Fabulous and Efficient
Fabulous and EfficientGloucestershire
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Great service! The team were a well-oiled machine! The installation of the new radiators was swift and timely. No messing around, the team got the work done working around each other really well. Really friendly and supportive. No question too silly. I am really pleased with the service from start to finish. Highly recommend CHS all day.
Replacement Electric Radiators
Replacement Electric RadiatorsWorcestershire
Read More
A very professional company who take pride in their work and which is to a very good standard. Engineers arrived on time on the due date and cleaned up after their work was completed taking away the old electric radiators. We asked for 2 minor changes to the original work scope which the company were flexible enough to carry out. We would recommend the company to others seeking to install the latest technology electric heating system

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