Here at Cotswold Heating, we are dedicated to providing energy-efficient solutions that prioritise both user comfort and sustainability. Our exclusive partnerships with Elkatherm and Sunamp enable us to offer state-of-the-art, A++ electric radiators and thermal stores for hot water that are designed to optimise energy usage and reduce environmental impact.

With Elkatherm electric radiators, you can experience the benefits of precise temperature control and energy efficiency even from renewable sources. These A++ radiators are equipped with advanced technology that allows you to monitor and track energy consumption, empowering you to have better control over your thermal comfort and expenses. By optimising energy usage, you not only save money but also contribute to a greener future by reducing your carbon footprint.

Our Sunamp thermal stores for hot water further enhance the efficiency of our innovative systems. These heat batteries utilise innovative heat exchange technology, including phase change material, allowing them to store and release thermal energy effectively. By leveraging this heat exchange mechanism, our Sunamp Thermino range ensure minimal energy wastage and optimise the utilisation of electricity, resulting in significant cost savings for you.

Safety is paramount in all of our products, and Elkatherm electric radiators and Sunamp thermal stores/heat batteries incorporate various safety features. They are equipped with thermal cut-off mechanisms that prevent overheating and protect against potential fire hazards. Additionally, our radiators are safety tested in accordance with VDE certification and come with an industry topping 25-year manufacturer warranty.

Through our partnership with Elkatherm and Sunamp, you can enjoy the benefits of renewable energy and energy-efficient electric heating while reducing your carbon footprint by combining these products with a solar PV installation. Experience the comfort, control, and sustainability of our electric radiators and Sunamp Thermino range, and take a significant step towards a greener and more cost-effective solution.

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  • One of five approved ELKATHERM® dealerships in the UK
  • Specialists in installing ELKATHERM® electric heating bespoke solutions
  • Family run business with over 25 years in the electric heating industry
  • Offer a dedicated, bespoke and personal service. No call-centres!
  • Offer the very best products, advice and service
  • We always put our customers first!
  • Proud to be endorsed by WHICH?
  • With an exclusive A++ energy performance rating ELKATHERM® offers you the assurance that you have found the most energy efficient smart core heating in the world
  • An honest service – we don’t employ sales people or tactics. We let our products do the talking!
Elkatherm heaters

German Electric Radiators Elkatherm – Features & Benefits

As households are facing ever rising bills and energy prices hit record highs, it has never been more important to take control of your heating. Our German engineered radiators help you do just that, whilst offering over 200 colour choices and 60 different styles.

Hybrid ceramic coreRapid heat up, high heat retention properties
A++ Energy Performance RatingAssurance of high efficiency, low running costs
Fluted design, front & backIncreases surface area by a huge X5
Variety of control optionsEase of operation, specific programming, control from anywhere in the world
Maintenance FreeNo servicing costs
25-Year Warranty on smart coreReliability
Independently Tested by BSRIAIndependent verification of low running costs
Non-porous smart coreWill not ‘bloat’ and crack due to humid climate in UK
Huge variety of sizes availableSomething for every situation
Over 200 colours availableDesigned to fit in with any décor
ELKATHERM® – manufacturing since 1954Real pedigree and longevity along with high quality
EconomicalHelps reduce costs and carbon footprint
Powder coated (over 200 colours available)No maintenance / painting required
Manufactured in GermanyHighly recognised as the best in engineering excellence
Thermostatically controlledEnables radiator to run for around 30% of each hour it is on
Can be wall mounted, feet & castors also availableSuitable for all types of location

Sunamp Hot Water System – Features & Benefits

Introducing Sunamp Heat Batteries – the innovative solution revolutionising the way we store and utilise heat. Sunamp Heat Batteries are cutting-edge energy storage systems designed to efficiently store and release thermal energy, offering a range of benefits for both residential and commercial applications. Unlike traditional heating systems that rely on continuous energy input to maintain warmth, Sunamp Heat Batteries store excess (latent) heat when available and release it when needed, maximising energy utilisation and cost savings. With their patented phase-change material technology, these compact and lightweight units can seamlessly integrate with various heat sources, allowing for flexible integration into existing systems. Sunamp Heat Batteries offer energy efficiency, little to no maintenance, and the ability to retrofit into existing properties. Experience the future of heat storage with Sunamp Heat Batteries, unlocking efficient, sustainable, and reliable heating solutions.

Super compact, around 1/3 size of equivalent cylinderReclaim space!
Delivers mains pressure hot water on demandRun baths / sinks faster, great showering experience
Highly efficientSaves on running costs, 4 x more efficient at storing heat than water is!
Does not store waterNo risk of legionella or catastrophic water failure
Safe, quiet, super insulated & maintenance freeNo annual servicing costs
Compatible with any heat sourceGrid, solar, E7, solar PV, thermal storage
10-Year manufacturers warrantyReliability
Accurate temperature controlConsistent water temperature
RAL CertifiedQuality Assurance
Approx 50 years life-cycleNo battery degredation
Unique, patented phase change materialCannot be copied
Various sizes and capacitiesSuitable for differing property sizes / requirements
Cost effective, low carbon solutionHelps reduce carbon footprint

Installation process

Our team of expert electric central heating installers are all employed directly by us – no subcontractors, which means all are vetted, qualified and highly skilled to install your electric heating system. Above all, they have great personalities!

They will work in a fast, yet methodical and thorough fashion to ensure a no-mess, no fuss approach to installing your new heating system and/or hot water heating solution.

Once installed it is time to commission your new heating/hot water system and our team will explain everything in detail to ensure you get the very best from your electric central heating investment.

Take control of your heating

Elkatherm® radiators are an innovative electric heating system that allows you to control the room temperatures individually. This maximises potential savings on your heating bills whilst not requiring any servicing. The convection feature of Elkatherm® radiators ensures efficient heat distribution throughout the room, providing a comfortable and cozy environment.

Monitor your energy usage – our innovative HeatApp allows you to track the energy consumption of each radiator and thermostat.

Open window sensing technology – detects when a window is open and reduces energy consumption to save money on heater costs.

  • Child Lock
  • Holiday mode
  • Amazon Alexa Compatibility
  • Fully programmable / customisable

Take control of your heating

ELKATHERM® radiators allow you to control the room temperatures individually. This maximises potential savings.

Monitor your energy usage – our innovative HeatApp allows you to track the energy consumption of each radiator.

Open window sensing technology – detects when a window is open and reduces energy consumption to save money.

– Child Lock

– Holiday mode

– Amazon Alexa Compatibility

– Fully programmable / customisable

A Warmer Home with the potential for lower running costs

  • Rapid warm up times.
  • ELKATHERM® radiators typically use just 15-17 minutes of power per hour.
  • Mega heat distribution.
  • Even heat coverage – no cold spots.
  • No more cold feet – even temperature distribution.
  • A++ rated for energy efficiency – helping you waste less.

Class-leading warranties to ensure peace of mind

  • 25-Year ELKATHERM® warranty on hybrid smart core, 4-Year warranty on electrical components (double the industry standard).
  • 4-Years free repair service cover means no call-out charges to attend to any warranty claims during this period.
  • 5-Year manufacturer warranty on all Fondital towel rails, 2 years on electronics.
  • 10-Year warranty to heating element and storage core for all Sunamp heat batteries.
  • 5-Year warranty on Heliomotion solar trackers.



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