Answering our most frequently asked questions

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Commonly Asked Questions

It’s the many little, yet important details people want to know that helps them decide whether to invest in our electric heating systems. This page seeks to provide answers to those common questions but if you have any other questions please feel free to get in touch with one of our friendly team on 01453 368030.

About Cotswold Heating Solutions

Do you supply online?
We prefer to install ourselves to ensure the radiators are set up in the best way possible in order to maximise any potential savings in running costs. As technology moves along it becomes more complex and our technical installation team are trained to set everything up according to your own requirements and wishes.
Can I buy your products online?
We do not sell online as we want to ensure that our radiators are the perfect fit for you. With over 64 different styles and sizes, along with over 200 available colours there is much to choose from and our survey will help you with all the options. Buying online may seem an easy option but we find our customers like the personal approach that we offer with over 20 years experience in the electric heating industry.
Do you have a showroom?
You are welcome to arrange an appointment to visit our offices in Stroud where we have a small selection of working radiators. However, our advisor carries a sample radiator which can be seen during survey if required.

Electric Radiator FAQ'S

Can you do the installation?
Absolutely! Our technical teams operate with no mess and no fuss to provide you with the best possible installation experience.
Do you hardwire the radiators?
There are many different ways of installing our radiators and our advisors can discuss all available options with you.
How do you control the heaters?
Our innovative Ecomfort App allows you to control your heating from anywhere in the world. Alternatively you can have on-board digital controls.
How much energy will it use?
This depends on many factors although ELKATHERM® radiators are 100% efficient and boast an A++ energy performance rating. Once at full operating temperature our radiators typically use only around 15-17 minutes of power per hour.
What colours are available?
With over 200 colours available you will be spoilt for choice! Our advisor will bring a RAL colour swatch with them for you to see during the survey.
How long does installation take?
Most installations are completed in just one day – including removal of your existing heating system.
What is your lead time?
ELKATHERM® radiators are made in Germany to order, not sat gathering rust and dust in UK warehouses! Lead times are usually around 6-8 weeks.
Do your radiators have a fan?
No, our radiators do not have a fan as the overall design does away with the need for one. ELKATHERM® radiators are silent operating as a result and the design enables the circulation of warm air to fill the entire room.
Are your radiators LOT20 compliant?
Most certainly. They are also independently tested by BSRIA.
Will I need electrical work carrying out?
Usually this is not necessary as ELKATHERM® radiators come with a plug top so can be plugged into any available socket. Our advisor will carry out a brief visual inspection of your consumer unit and discuss options and requirements.

Additional Electric Radiator FAQ'S

How do electric radiators work?
ELKATHERM® radiators work by radiant and convected heat and the fluted design aids movement of the air to ensure no cold spots and importantly, no cold feet!
What size of electric radiator do I need?
Correct sizing of electric radiators is crucial to achieve the right levels of heat combined with the lowest potential for running costs. If your radiator is under-sized then it will fight to reach temperature and ultimately never achieve it, therefore costing far more to operate than it should. Likewise, if your radiator size/output is too large then you will be paying more in electricity right from the start. ELKATHERM® radiators are sized according to the specific requirements of the room to be heated, taking into account many factors such as single/double glazing, external walls, cavity wall insulation and more. Once at full operating temperature (20 – 30 minutes) an ELKATHERM® radiator will start to modulate and will consume only around 15-17 minutes of electricity per hour.
Are your electrical radiators expensive to run?
There are many variables involved which make this an almost impossible question to answer. Direct running costs are affected by heat loss of each room, how a user uses a particular radiator/s and their lifestyle. BSRIA have carried out an independent report on ELKATHERM® radiators which looked into many things including running costs and the report is available to download on our website. When making the transition from old fashioned night storage heaters to ELKATHERM® radiators it is not uncommon for our customers to report significant savings – sometimes up to two-thirds.
How much do electric radiators cost to run?
There are many factors which affect running costs and ELKATHERM® radiators are the only brand of smart core heating to achieve an A++ energy performance rating. ELKATHERM® radiators are 100% efficient at point of use and there are potential savings. Please see our blog on running costs for more information.
What are the best electric radiators?
With so many offerings on the market it is important to make sure that you install the very best you can. Cheap convector heaters from DIY shops can prove very costly to run. ELKATHERM® boast an A++ rating and are 100% efficient at point of use.

ELKAtherm® Range FAQ'S

ELKATHERM® has been manufacturing since 1954 and is the only brand of smart core heating in the world to boast an A++ energy performance rating. This, combined with a 25-year warranty makes them the perfect choice.
Where are your radiators made?
ELKATHERM® radiators are made in Germany and utilise the very best in German engineering.