What do ELKAtherm heaters cost to run and can I save money?
ELKAtherm electric radiators save you money in three ways – using less energy, helping you waste less, and, potentially, cutting your other electricity costs.

The ingenious, fluted design multiplies each radiator’s effective surface area by five – spreading warmth evenly throughout the room using convection and radiation – while the high-grade ceramic core distributes heat across the whole surface. In short, you get much more heat from each Watt of power.

There’s no cheaper energy than the part you don’t use – and because ELKAtherm radiators are so easy to control from anywhere, you’ll naturally waste less.

Finally, because you don’t need to charge ELKAtherm radiators overnight, there’s no need for an Economy 7 electricity tariff and although cheap overnight electricity seems attractive, Economy 7 also raises your peak time electricity costs as much as 50%, increasing the cost of everything from ironing, to watching TV, to making a cup of tea.

Why not buy a heater from a DIY store?
These types of heaters tend to have small unfluted surface areas and short warranties, so they are less effective, cost more to run and are not designed to last as long.

How much will it cost to buy?
The costs involved are very similar to any other primary source of heating, but without the huge building works associated with installing other heating systems. ELKAtherm heaters are usually installed in just one day.

Why don’t you have a price list?
With over 60 different styles and sizes and over 200 colours available the choice is huge and so the price list would be too! We always carry out a free survey, where our engineer can discuss the various options with you in order to meet your exact heating requirements. He will then be able to give you an exact price based on his survey. As heating experts we don’t offer a ‘one-size fits all’ radiator, rather ensuring that we listen to your needs and identify the precise heating requirements of your home.

How do Economy 7 and single rate tariffs compare?
Economy 7 (E7) gives you a cheaper rate during the night (approx. 7 hours) but is more expensive for the daytime (approx. 17 hours). A good single tariff is often cheaper overall than a E7 tariff.

What happens to my current heating system?
We can remove and safely dispose of your old night storage heaters, or arrange for a qualified plumber to remove your wet system. Some people like to keep their old night storage bricks to use in their gardens; they come in handy for barbecues, paths and garden projects.

What do I need to do before the installation team arrives?
Turning off any night storage heater radiators that are due to be removed at least 24 hours prior to our arrival will also mean we can remove them safely on the day.

Are ELKAtherm electric radiators efficient?
All of our ELKAtherm German electric radiators are 100% efficient!

Are ELKAtherm electric radiators storage radiators?
No, ELKAtherm German electric radiators are direct acting electric radiators. Internally they are manufactured using chamotte fire clay which has exceptional heat retention properties. This enables us to keep our electric radiators slim (only 8 cm deep), stylish and without the need for heavy bricks such as you find in old night storage heaters. All our electric radiators are easily controlled ensuring they fit in perfectly with your lifestyle.

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