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Discover Mixergy’s hot water tank, a beacon of innovation in sustainable home heating solutions. Tailored for contemporary living and the environmentally mindful individual, the Mixergy tank leverages patented top-down heating technology, heating only the amount of water required, thus minimizing energy waste. This intelligent approach to hot water provision ensures faster heating times—up to 10 times quicker than conventional tanks—leading to significant energy and cost savings. Homeowners can place their confidence in the product’s quality and longevity, backed by a comprehensive 25-year warranty.

The Mixergy hot water tank is offered in several capacities, from the space-saving 120-litre tank to the ample 210-litre version, ensuring there is a Mixergy tank to suit the specific demands of any household. The Mixergy tanks are engineered to integrate smoothly with various energy sources, from solar PV to heat pumps, and they come with the added convenience of smart technology. Through the Mixergy app, users gain precise control over their hot water usage, with features that allow for monitoring, scheduling, and machine learning for optimized heating, epitomizing uncompromised, smart, and sustainable home comfort.

Innovative Hot Water Management

Mixergy’s hot water tanks stand as a testament to adaptability and forward-looking innovation, crafted to seamlessly integrate with a variety of energy systems—ranging from the conventional gas boilers found in many homes to greener alternatives like solar energy—and are even designed to accommodate emerging energy technologies. These tanks are offered in a comprehensive array of sizes to precisely meet the hot water demands of any household, with capacities of 120, 150, 180, and 210 litres, ensuring that whether the requirement is for a compact urban apartment or a spacious suburban home, there is an efficient Mixergy tank to fit the bill. The slimline variants, in particular, are a nod to space-saving without compromising on functionality, embodying advanced features and efficiency in a sleek, more compact form.

Mixergy’s intuitive app brings a level of convenience and user-centric control that is unmatched, allowing homeowners to effortlessly manage their hot water supply, monitor energy consumption, and even adapt to smart tariffs for cost-saving heating schedules. Each tank is engineered not only for quick and efficient heating but also for maintaining a high standard of energy conservation, which is paramount in today’s eco-aware climate. With Mixergy tanks, customers can expect a robust, reliable hot water system that blends in smart technology and sustainable design for a modern, energy-efficient home.

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Mixergy hot water tanks significantly reduce your carbon footprint and energy usage. For more details on how Mixergy’s intelligent hot water heating system can save you up to 40% on your hot water bills, contact us today at 01453 368030.

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