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Sunamp Hot Water

Given that the majority of our home energy usage goes towards producing heat, Sunamp provides you with a more compact, more cost effective, low carbon solution to heating your hot water.

RadTherm Electric Radiator Range

Efficiency, value, controllability and looks are probably pretty high on your list when looking for a new electric heating system. RadTherm German electric radiators tick all those boxes.

RadTherm Towel Radiators/Towel Rails

Here at Cotswold Heating Solutions we specialise in finding the right heating product for any particular situation. We are pleased to offer RadTherm’s range of bathroom towel radiators/heaters.

Mixergy Hot Water Tanks

Whether you’re utilizing solar energy, a heat pump, or considering an upgrade to your gas boiler, Mixergy’s hot water tank adapts to your existing setup effortlessly.

Tepeo Zero Emmission Boilers

Experience the next generation of home heating with Tepeo’s Zero Emission Boiler (ZEB®), the epitome of eco-friendly innovation tailored for the modern, environmentally-conscious homeowner. 

Warmer Home,
Lower Heating Bills

RadTherm electric radiators save you money in three ways: using less energy, helping you waste less, and, potentially, cutting your other electricity costs and as they need no servicing you will save there too!