Cotswold Heating Solutions Welcomes Tepeo ZEB to Its Product Range

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Cotswold Heating Solutions, a leading provider of heating and hot water systems in the Cotswolds, is delighted to announce the addition of the Tepeo ZEB boiler to its product range. The Tepeo ZEB is a revolutionary new boiler that offers a more efficient and environmentally friendly way to heat your home.


What is the Tepeo ZEB boiler?

The Tepeo ZEB boiler is an innovative low-carbon alternative to a fossil fuel boiler. It uses a Smart Charging algorithm to charge up with off-peak electricity and store this as heat inside its core, producing heating and hot water on demand. This means that the ZEB can be powered by renewable sources of energy such as solar or wind power.


What are the benefits of the Tepeo ZEB boiler?

The Tepeo ZEB boiler offers a number of benefits over traditional boilers, including:

  • Lower carbon emissions
  • Lower energy bills
  • Improved efficiency
  • Smart Charging algorithm
  • Renewable energy compatibility
  • Easy installation
  • Compatibility with existing heating systems


Why has Cotswold Heating Solutions added the Tepeo ZEB to its product range?

Cotswold Heating Solutions is committed to providing its customers with the most efficient and environmentally friendly heating and hot water systems available. The Tepeo ZEB boiler is a perfect example of this commitment.

“We are very excited to add the Tepeo ZEB boiler to our product range,” said Simon Rhys-Davies, Managing Director of Cotswold Heating Solutions. “This is a truly innovative product that can help our customers to save money and reduce their carbon footprint.”


How can I find out more about the Tepeo ZEB boiler?

If you are interested in learning more about the Tepeo ZEB boiler, please contact Cotswold Heating Solutions today. They will be happy to answer any questions you have and provide you with a free quotation.

The Tepeo ZEB boiler is a revolutionary new product that has the potential to change the way we heat our homes. It is more efficient, more environmentally friendly, and more affordable than traditional boilers. If you are looking for a new boiler, we encourage you to consider the Tepeo ZEB.


About Cotswold Heating Solutions

Cotswold Heating Solutions is a leading provider of electric heating and hot water systems. They have a team of experienced and qualified technicians who can install, service, and repair all types of boilers. They are also committed to providing their customers with the best possible customer service.

We hope this blog article has been helpful. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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