Electric Heating V Gas Central Heating

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Why Electric Heating?

The UK has, for many years now advocated gas central heating as the primary source of heating within the home. This is in contrast to our European counterparts and in particular, Germany where the harsh winters are far colder than we generally experience and therefore require a robust, dependable and cost effective heating solution. Here in the UK we are now embracing the significant benefits of electric heating over and above gas and this trend is certainly set to continue.


Installation Differences

Installation of a gas heating system can be very expensive and extremely disruptive with carpets/flooring and floorboards being lifted, huge amounts of unsightly pipework being installed and walls even being chased out in a process that can take several weeks to complete. ELKAtherm electric radiators typically take a day to install with no mess, fuss or most importantly – disruption. Electric heating is not noisy, with no pipes to rattle or bang and no noisy boiler whirring away. Electric heating is 100% efficient too unlike gas heating which can experience losses as the water moves through cold pipework to the radiators which typically take longer to reach full operating temperature than an electric radiator does.



Electric heating systems have so much controllability too with each radiator able to be set up as its own ‘zone’ meaning you can quickly alter the desired temperature in any room to suit your requirements. Set your lounge at a cosy 21 degrees whilst having a bedroom set at 17 degrees  – or a spare room just on a frost setting to keep the chill off. It really can be that precise. There are also many different ways to control your electric heating from an integrated digital thermostat/programmer through to apps which enable you to control your heating from anywhere in the world. Gas heating differs , generally utilising just one thermostat placed in a hallway or similar to control ALL the radiators in the home. This makes it very difficult to get the balance right and achieve the perfect temperature in every room.



Gas boilers contain many serviceable parts and therefore regular servicing is required. Gas heating systems are prone to problems and therefore will require costly repairs at some point. Some LPG systems can cost in excess of £600.00 per year in annual servicing alone! Electric radiators from Cotswold Heating Solutions benefit from a 25-year guarantee and no ongoing or annual servicing is required.


The Future

As we are all aware, gas is a natural resource and one that is rapidly dwindling. Prices continue to rise each and every year and even the government has taken the drastic step to ban the installation of gas boilers in all new homes from 2025 in an effort to tackle climate change. It is true of course, that electricity prices are slightly higher per unit than that of gas but this is likely to change over time and we are already seeing the gap close. Electricity is becoming the greener option with each passing day, with emphasis being placed on reduction of fossil fuel usage and lower carbon emissions, along with reductions in our fuel bills. Cleaner, greener energy means that electric heating certainly is sustainable and the future of heating in the UK.

Warmer Home,
Lower Heating Bills

ELKATHERM® electric radiators save you money in three ways: using less energy, helping you waste less, and, potentially, cutting your other electricity costs and as they need no servicing you will save there too!

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