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Getting the right heating for your business is vital to controlling bills as well as providing a comfortable environment for staff and or customers. Achieving a comfortable temperature can increase productivity and also ensure that customers stay longer! Whether you have a showroom, office, warehouse or shop, getting the heating right may seem like a bit of a minefield if you don’t know what you are doing.

To the untrained eye, it may seem a simple solution to buy cheap plug-in style heaters from a DIY store. However, although cheap to buy they will soon prove very costly to run and draw huge amounts of electricity. It is also worthwhile checking your commercial insurance policy too as some exclude cover for certain things if you have portable gas or electric heating in use.

Cheaper, portable style heaters often have extremely cheap internal components too, including thermostats which are very inaccurate and usually lead to overheating or underheating. This in turn makes the space very uncomfortable or even overwhelming in some cases and also results in very high electricity consumption – ultimately reflected in your bill.


So What Makes RadTherm Radiators So Efficient?

All RadTherm electric radiators have a remarkably clever, optimised rib design. This design increases the overall surface area by 500% compared to flat panel heaters of a comparable size. This enables the radiator to release and increased amount of heat for the same energy used. Additionally, they use convected and radiant heat to ensure no more cold feet!

Another benefit is that due to the ingenious design, you don’t need a larger heater to do the required job, instead being able to use a smaller heater, maximising space whilst still ensuring the perfect temperature for the room.


Want To Know More?

At Cotswold Heating Solutions we aim to make the entire process of choosing your new heating as painless as possible. We offer a free survey where our engineer will attend your premises and consider room size, insulation levels, glazing and also visually check your electrical installation to ensure that we specify the right heating for your individual requirements.

Warmer Home,
Lower Heating Bills

RadTherm electric radiators save you money in three ways: using less energy, helping you waste less, and, potentially, cutting your other electricity costs and as they need no servicing you will save there too!

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