I’m switching from Night Storage – How will Elkatherm Electric Heating benefit me?

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Night storage heaters have been around for over 60 years, designed and manufactured back in the day when electricity was cheap and efficiency had no importance.

At Cotswold Heating Solutions, our heaters use a combination of natural convection and radiant heat from our fluted design.

This gives a very gentle comfortable heat much like central heating. Our thermostats allow you to control the temperature easily, meaning you are toasty warm when you are feeling the cold.

Uncontrollable Night Storage

Notoriously known for being uncontrollable, old style night storage heaters are not fitted with a thermostat so there is no way to turn the heat up or down, which can be very annoying if your room is too cold or too hot.

Whilst most run on Economy 7 because they charge up overnight when electricity is cheaper, the heaters tend to be hot during the day, but there is no heat left towards the evening when you need it most, especially during the colder, winter months.

Most do have an input/output control that doesn’t make much sense or do anything and any boost function on these radiators is charged at premium day rate.

Often slow to respond, they can take a few days to get up to full running temperature, which doesn’t fit  well with the ever-changing British climate.

Uncontrollable Night Storage


Night storage radiators work on old technology, so when they break or have a fault it is very difficult to find anybody to fix or replace existing units.

Additionally, getting parts for old night storage systems can be difficult and more often than not, very expensive.

ELKAtherm – Total Reliability

ELKAtherm radiators have a modern, robust technology and require no maintenance or servicing.

All of our radiators are precision engineered and manufactured in Germany and come with a genuine 25-year manufacturer guarantee. We’re a local company so if you ever do have an issue you can rest assured we are close by to resolve it for you.

Expensive Night Storage

Old style storage heating relies on using an Economy 7 tariff because many of the units use 3 or even 4kw of power which they draw power for approximately 7 hours over night, regardless of whether you need the heat or not.

Economy 7 tariffs usually have a very high ‘premium’ day rate which can be as much as 23p per kWh. which means you are paying over and above for all your other electric usage.

ELKAtherm – Economical

ELKAtherm radiators have energy efficient controls which means you can choose when and which room heaters come on in.

The advanced Chamotte Clay Core is highly efficient at storing heat, so the unit only requires a small trickle of electricity to maintain the heat. Typically around 15-17 mins of an hour of usage.

Being able to control each unit individually allows you to turn the heating down in rooms that are not being used. Also the quick response time means you don’t have to turn the heaters on days in advance if you have guests coming to stay.

ELKAtherm – Total control

ELKAtherm radiators offer a choice of controls from a simple dial or mobile phone app to wall mounted thermostats.

So whichever you are most comfortable with we can install for you.

All our radiators have an individual thermostat so you can choose the temperature of each room and what time you need them. You can control the complete system with SmartApp on your mobile phone or room by room as you wish.

Our heaters have a unique to ELKAtherm Chamotte clay core which heats up quickly giving you responsive heating.

You can expect your room to be warm within 30 minutes, not hours that traditional storage heating takes. More good news is that Chamotte Clay still stores heat so doesn’t need to draw large amounts of power.

ELKAtherm radiators

Ugly and Bulky

Old night storage radiators are very bulky units, often a large metal or teak box in the corner of the room  and nowadays they certainly don’t fit in with your home décor.

Unfortunately, you can’t hide them with a cover as this reduces the efficiency further.

ELKAtherm – Modern and Stylish

ELKAtherm radiators have a slimline design with sleek, curved flutes which are aesthetically pleasing. We manufacturer your radiators to order, therefore they are available in a range of sizes, which is ideal if you have any awkward spaces.

Our radiators can be matched to almost any colour so you can make a statement in your home.

Modern radiator
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