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Heliomotion Solar Tracking Systems

A groundbreaking solar solution which is able to rotate and track the sun all day long

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No Scaffolding Required
Three Sizes Available
40-45% More Effective than a Static Solar System
Heliomotion Solar Tracking System
Produces Power from Sunrise to Sunset
Designed to Last Up to 30 Years
Compatible With Battery Storage
Installed in Just One Day

The Solar Revolution

Solar panels generate clean, renewable energy to provide power to your home or business. They offer a cleaner, greener way of reducing your reliance on the grid, help the environment enormously and are a fantastic way to reduce your energy bills. In a world where energy costs are spiralling, solar PV allows you to retake control and be more self-sufficient.

At Cotswold Heating Solutions we know that electric is the future and solar PV is a great fit for our products. Everything is carefully chosen here to ensure we only bring you the very best in quality products and service and provide you with a full turnkey solution to help you heat and power your home/business whilst reducing your carbon footprint. So, are you looking for a solar solution? Let us introduce Heliomotion:

Heliomotion Solar Trackers

A solar tracking system is a groundbreaking solar solution which is able to rotate and track the sun all day long – from sunrise through to sunset. One huge advantage of a Heliomotion solar tracking system is that it is able to generate far more power than an equivalent, static rooftop or ground mounted solar PV array. Put simply, a Heliomotion with 6 panels tracking the sun all day can generate the same power as 10 panels on a static system!

Heliomotion is a freestanding, ground mounted solar solution which you can even take with you when you move property. As Heliomotion is ground mounted there are no issues with gable ends or Velux windows for example and therefore, no requirement for expensive and cumbersome scaffolding. There are even three different models to choose from – 3, 4 or 6 panel options. Should you want multiple systems then this is also possible.

Heliomotion is designed to withstand inclement weather and in particular, wind speeds of up to 80 miles per hour. In even higher wind speeds your Heliomotion solar tracker can be aligned so that it faces side on, so the wind resistance is much lower.

Warmer Home,
Lower Heating Bills

ELKATHERM® electric radiators save you money in three ways: using less energy, helping you waste less, and, potentially, cutting your other electricity costs and as they need no servicing you will save there too!

Why Choose a Heliomotion Solar Tracker Instead of Rooftop Solar Systems?

Heliomotion is a Multi-Award Winning Solar Solution

Heliomotion Solar Tracking System

What Our Customers Say

Fantastic Service
Fantastic ServiceWiltshire
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From start to finish Cotswold Heating Solutions were brilliant. They surveyed our house and installed our radiators so quickly and were professional and polite throughout. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them if you need a heating solution!
Fabulous and Efficient
Fabulous and EfficientGloucestershire
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Great service! The team were a well-oiled machine! The installation of the new radiators was swift and timely. No messing around, the team got the work done working around each other really well. Really friendly and supportive. No question too silly. I am really pleased with the service from start to finish. Highly recommend CHS all day.
Replacement Electric Radiators
Replacement Electric RadiatorsWorcestershire
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A very professional company who take pride in their work and which is to a very good standard. Engineers arrived on time on the due date and cleaned up after their work was completed taking away the old electric radiators. We asked for 2 minor changes to the original work scope which the company were flexible enough to carry out. We would recommend the company to others seeking to install the latest technology electric heating system

Electric Radiator FAQ's

How does Heliomotion track the sun?
Heliomotion tracks the sun by using information gathered by an integrated GPS module which determines the local time, date, longitude and latitude. The tracker is then able to calculate the sun’s exact position in the sky in order to follow it.
How does solar tracking increase overall electricity production?
Solar tracking increases energy yield by 25-50% per year, compared with a stationary panel facing south with an ideal tilt. The additional energy is generated in the morning and again in the evening, which matches the consumption curve of a typical household much more efficiently than a static system which peaks at solar noon – often when everyone is out of the house.
What powers a Heliomotion Solar Tracker?
The solar tracker can be powered from any constant 24 VDC power source, either using the included 24 VDC power adapter or by connecting it to a 24 VDC battery bank. The permitted input voltage range is 10-28 VDC. Average power consumption is 0.4 watt (0.01kWh/day).
Does wind speed affect Heliomotion solar trackers?
All of our models are designed and engineered to withstand wind loads up to 35 meters per second – equivalent to 80 miles per hour. In very high winds of 70 mph + we recommend that you power down the tracker and install the supplied extension rod to – tilt the panels horizontally. This will reduce wear and protect the installation until the high winds have passed. Heliomotion PV-6 units in the field have withstood wind speeds up to 40 m/s, but we do not recommend making installations where such wind speeds are common.