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Night Storage Heaters

Ditch the Draft: Upgrade from Night Storage Heaters to Efficient German Technology

Thinking of ditching those clunky night storage heaters? You’re not alone. Here at Cotswold Heating Solutions, we understand the frustrations associated with outdated heating systems. Night storage heaters, while once a popular choice, have become less efficient and can struggle to keep your home truly comfortable. Night storage heaters – once a revolutionary solution – are now relics of a bygone era. Their inefficiency, lack of control, and reliance on outdated Economy 7 tariffs leave much to be desired.

Why ditch night storage heaters?

Traditional night storage heaters, while once a common solution, come with a host of drawbacks:

Inefficient Heat Distribution:
They store heat during off-peak hours, often releasing most of it during the day when you're not home. This leaves you feeling cold in the evenings when you need it most.
Limited Control:
Most night storage heaters lack thermostats and timers, making it difficult to regulate temperature and potentially leading to wasted energy.
High Daytime Electricity Costs:
Economy 7 tariffs offer cheaper electricity at night, but daytime rates are significantly higher – for around 17 hours in total! This can negate the benefit of cheaper night storage if you use other appliances during the day.
Outdated Technology:
Many night storage heaters are nearing the end of their lifespan and may be inefficient or even unsafe.

Introducing a Smarter Way to Heat Your Home:
Elkatherm German Electric Heaters

Elkatherm electric heaters offer a revolutionary alternative. These sleek, German-engineered radiators are not just replacements – they’re an upgrade in every sense. Here’s why it’s time to ditch the night storage and embrace the future of heating:

Precision Heating

Saving You Money

Instant Warmth

No More Waiting

Unmatched Efficency

A++ Efficency

Smart Technology

Wi-Fi Compatible

Advantages of Elkatherm Electric Radiators:

Precision Heating:
Unlike night storage heaters with limited control, Elkatherm radiators offer precise thermostatic control. Adjust the temperature room-by-room for ultimate comfort, eliminating wasted heat.
Instant Warmth:
No more waiting for stored heat to radiate. Elkatherm heaters provide instant warmth whenever you need it, perfect for chilly mornings or taking the edge off on a cold evening.
Unmatched Efficiency:
German engineering ensures these heaters convert electricity into heat with minimal energy loss, translating to lower energy bills compared to night storage heaters. Once at optimal temperature they typically consume around 15 minutes of energy per hour of use.
Smart Technology:
Many Elkatherm models boast Wi-Fi compatibility, allowing you to control your heating remotely from your smartphone. This means you can pre-heat your home before you arrive and adjust temperatures on the go.
Modern Design:
Say goodbye to bulky eyesores. Elkatherm radiators come in sleek and stylish designs that complement any décor, with over 60 different sizes and styles available and a huge array of colours.

Upgrade Your Comfort and Efficiency with Cotswold Heating Solutions

Ready to ditch the draft and embrace a smarter, more comfortable way to heat your home? Cotswold Heating Solutions is your one-stop shop for all things Elkatherm. Our expert team can assess your needs, recommend the perfect Elkatherm heaters for your home, and handle the entire installation process.


Stop struggling with outdated heating. Contact Cotswold Heating Solutions today and discover the warmth and efficiency of Elkatherm German electric heating. It’s time to upgrade your comfort and save on your energy bills!

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Beyond the Heaters: Why Move Away from Economy 7?

The traditional justification for night storage heaters – Economy 7 tariffs – is becoming less attractive. The reliance on Economy 7 tariffs for night storage heaters can be a double-edged sword: Here’s why:

Shrinking Savings:
The off-peak window for Economy 7 tariffs is shrinking, often just 7 hours a night. This means you're relying on expensive daytime electricity for a larger portion of the day (usually around 17 hours).
Limited Control:
You can't control when your heating system comes on with Economy 7. With Elkatherm heaters, you have complete control, eliminating wasted energy and ensuring your home is warm when you need it most.
Limited Benefit:
You only truly benefit from Economy 7 if over 40% of your electricity consumption occurs at night.
Shifting Lifestyle:
Modern households often use appliances throughout the day, negating the savings of a night-time rate. This is especially applicable if you work during the day as you are heating your home unnecessarily.
Future Uncertainty:
With the rise of renewable energy sources, the traditional off-peak and peak hours of Economy 7 may become less relevant in the future.
Reduced Energy Bills:
With Elkatherm radiators, you're not tied to Economy 7's expensive daytime rates. You can choose a more consistent energy tariff that better reflects your overall usage.
Greater Flexibility:
Enjoy the freedom to use your appliances throughout the day without worrying about high peak-rate charges.